A Big Experiment

As meditation practitioners, it can be said that we are conducting a big experiment. This experiment involves exploring our inner world. This may be uncharted territory for many of us. It can even seem a bit overwhelming, especially when we want quick solutions to our problems.  We may have many fears about exploring our inner world, worried about what we might encounter in the jungle of our mind. Thankfully, there are many people who have walked the path before us and many who walk beside us on the path of exploration who can guide and support us on our journey.

We can listen to teachings, read books, go on retreat, and contemplate what we hear and read. We can incorporate the teachings into our everyday experiences and transform our relationship not only to the mundane world but more importantly to mind itself. As the old saying goes, this is where the rubber meets the road. It is the place where we gain insight into the nature of our experiences, body, mind, and phenomena.

Unlike scientists, we don’t need a hypothesis in order to conduct this experiment, nor do we need petri dishes, beakers, or a sterile environment. What we have in our lives right now is the perfect tool. In fact, the less sterile the environment, the more fertile the soil is for transformation.  All of the challenges we are facing right now can be used as the path of awakening. We can look into our confusion and see its empty nature.

I’m not saying this is easy, I’m also not saying it is hard. What I am saying is that if we start to investigate our long held beliefs, concepts, strategies for avoiding suffering, our clinging and so on, we will have the opportunity to see deeper, into the heart of the source of our suffering and then transcend it.  If we never start this experiment we will never see the result. It doesn’t matter how old or confused we are, the important point is to start right where we are in this very moment. In fact, we are in some sense always starting. If we don’t hold onto beliefs and ideas about life then we are always open to the moment and we can be in the flow of life.

In playing this role as a Dharma delivery woman, I often get many questions about the Dharma and meditation. Sometimes I even get questions about career choices, housing, money, and other mundane matters. Here, in this blog, I will share the less mundane questions and make suggestions from the Buddha and other great masters, as well as share my own limited experience on the path of Buddha Dharma, all with the aspiration of benefiting beings.

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